“Look how far we came”

At the diner last night with family.

There was a reunion in the neighborhood where my mother, uncle and aunt lived.

The diner was basically a recapping session.

“Look how far we came”, my uncle says.

They continue to recollect on the humble beginnings.

“We only had one window.”

“Remember we had to crack the door open just to see who was outside playing.”

Fast forward to today and my mother, uncle and aunt are all doing pretty well for themselves. Despite their circumstance growing up, they never fell victim to it. They evolved and leveled up.

When OGs are speaking I tend to stay silent and just soak up game.

I’m just a by-product of hard-work, perseverance, and sacrifice.

The Jay Z line, “HOV did that, so you wouldn’t have to go through that” pops in my head.

To think, at one point in life I was entitled and thought I was owed something. I was terribly lacking appreciation for the people who had to grind and sacrifice.



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