I miss my brother’s birthday party the other day…
what a damn shame
but I can’t complain.
because the chase to obtain my dreams has been insane
and the lust demons in my life have been hard to refrain

So I should I just tell the truth
because I know that’s what the real ones do
but to be honest the real ones in this world have no clue

So it’s God Rules, or your rules
either way you choose
just know if you choose yours, you’re going to end up a fool

I did it for 15 plus years
and I swear it got me nowhere
but continues to leave my mind and body in complete despair

At times
I don’t even care
I wish could just disappear
imagine who would care

Probably my mom and my dad
so much things they sacrifice for me
why would I even think of doing that
so I guess I just have to pray and sit back

Or a matter of fact
I think I have to pray and work because in the Bible it states that
faith without work is dead and with true obedience and faith
God is always trying to put us AheaD…


Love is Love




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