I’m Destroying & Building

You either build or destroy. Where you come from? – Jay Electronica

I get the logic behind this phrase that is frequent in many rappers songs.

But me being “different”, I look at that phrase with an alternative perspective.

I’m not just building but I am destroying as well.

I’m destroying complacency, laziness, cowardice and self-doubt. I’m helping any way I can to destroy nonproductive thought processes not just for me but for people around me.

I’m building character, resilience, perseverance, a stronger code of morals & ethics and a list of other things. I’m building by using my social media networks & writing to reach individuals who haven’t gotten that “aha” moment.

In reference to Jay Electronica, you should desire to build than destroy. Build not only yourself but build your people up. If you are destroying that means your actions are not conducive to the elevation of your people & the community.




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