On Planning

Man has a plan & God laughs at it. – Gary Vaynerchuk

I googled & found different versions of the above quote but the first time I heard this quote was through Gary Vaynerchuk. So he gets the credit.

I spent 6 months in Georgia. When I came home, I assessed the situation and the number one lesson was to always have a plan.

No matter what I’m doing or involved in I plan it out and write down the possible chain of events that would lead to success.

What I’ve learned in the midst of planning is God will see what I’m trying to do and most likely create some form of resistance as a sign to let me know that what I thought was right is what he does not have in the works for me.

I never get into the “God” talk when I write or just in daily activities. But I’ve recently been reading Message to the Black Man in America by Elijah Muhammad in pursuit of forming a better relationship with God. I’m not declaring myself Muslim or subscribing to the religion of Islam but what I’ve been reading thus far has been helping me build a better spiritual foundation.

My comrade DA also wrote about going through a phase where he is questioning God & the plans the higher power has for him. It’s crazy because I’m going through the same thing and it’s dope to get a glimpse of his process to strengthen his relationship with God.

Back to planning.

Whenever I reverse engineer a goal and put a proper system in place or even if I plan my day/week/month I do it loosely. I do it this way because I’m beginning to believe that at some point in the process God will call an audible and I will either adapt or continue to push with MY plan.

Maybe my process is not the best approach, but I have been making progress and getting shit done.

So maybe my process is the best approach.

For me at least.

I credit a lot of my growth to Hip-Hop culture. I became “woke” (hate the term stay woke btw) through Ab-Souls Control System and began seeing the world through a different lens. I accepted myself through Tyler the Creator & Odd Futures music and movement. Right now, I’m trying to build a relationship with God after watching rapper Freddie Gibbs sit with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh and discuss his stint in jail overseas. While incarcerated he mentions he too read Message to the Black Man in America. Few weeks ago I read Charlamagne tha Gods book, Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It and he also mentioned that he read Elijah Muhammad book. He also doesn’t refrain from spreading the lessons he learned from the book during Breakfast Club interviews. These two individuals are apart of Hip-Hop culture and I appreciate both of their crafts. They are indirectly telling me through radio and music that a relationship with God is necessary to properly navigate in the world.

In the end, we shouldn’t judge the path one takes to becoming the better version of them self. There a plenty of routes. We should instead commend one just for simply taking the leap to becoming better.



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