Where Am I Going…Where Am I…

Lately I’ve been going thru it. I’ve been wrestling with God, my thoughts, and my goals.

It’s tough but it’s like I’m starting to realize, FeeL, and see what God is setting up for me and to be honest at times I’m not ready to give up certain things in my life that I think are fun or pleasing to me. It’s been a constant battle trying to come to grips with the idea of letting go of these certain activities and things in my life. There’s where I just sit still with my thoughts instead actively pursuing these things or activities.

I’ve also been wrestling with DreaminG BiG and ThinkinG SmalL. I never been a person who likes to really dream big or set large/hard goals to obtain. I always been shy, nervous, or scared when it came to setting Goals or Dreaming Big.

So recently, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf in life, and now I’m starting the early stages of dreaming big and writing out hard to achieve Goals.

It’s been tough but it takes. One Step at a Time. Not sure when I’m going to fully commit and surrender let go of some of these things activities that I like to do But when I do, I know I will have a clearer vision of what God’s has planed for me.

“This mind-set is a choice, a decision, and a belief that God designed and created each of us for greatness, nothing less. If we aren’t courageous and bold enough to extend ourselves and believe that God will give us the capacity for greatness, we will have cheated our potential. – Buzz Williams

All Love,



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