Things Could Be Worse…a lot worse

I don’t even have the energy to be mad about certain shit anymore.

Parking in the Bronx sucks by the way.

I’m actually 87% over driving.

Here we are.

Bronx, NY

25 minutes before the tip off of game 2 of the NBA Finals

After circling around numerous times, I finally find a parking spot. Seems like a legit spot. Plus, I parked here before and got no ticket so hey, seems like a win.

3 hours later


issa ticket.


After being upset for 5 seconds I dropped it. Things could have been worse. My car could’ve gotten towed and then I’d be very stressed.

That’s what I thought about on the drive home. I thought out the entire scenario if my car had gotten towed. Finding out the name & location of the place that towed my car then finding a way to get there at eleven o’clock at night on a chilly Sunday night after watching the Cavs lose and scarfing down a large amount of spaghetti. I would have been shit out of luck.

I went even more extreme with my thinking and thought my car could have gotten broken into, stolen or recklessly sideswiped.

That is a bit extreme but I took it there to help me understand that the situation could have been worse.

Of course I rather not pay $115 but the $115 is cool in comparison to towing fees, or dealing with insurance and the police.


This is a constant exercise for me. Whenever an unfortunate event happens I usually resort to thinking of worse scenarios to keep me from being angry.

Just because you stubbed your toe when you got out of the bed doesn’t mean the rest of day is doomed.


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