I Miss Practice

I walk on to my college basketball team.

All the OGs have always repeated a few statements to help us put this experience into perspective.

“Before you know it’ll be done and you’ll be on this side.”

“It goes fast, before you know it you’ll be graduating.”

“I’d do anything to lace them up one more time and go through practice.”

I’d love to lace them up right now & go through practice.

Practice was the ultimate test of character.

Wanna know who had heart, grit & resilience?

Go through practice.

Want to see who was mentally tough?

Go through practice.

I don’t know how other schools practices were but over at AU, practice was war.

At least 45 minutes into an intense practice you have to gather yourself especially if you’re having a bad practice.

If that day is not “your day” good luck because your teammates will sniff that out and give you hell for however long coach decides to have practice. You become the target.

I miss all of that right now. Basketball practice served as a tremendous force of resistance. You think you are on your last breath, legs shaking, arms heavy but you find someway to finish the drill or get the last stop to end practice.





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