Work Hard to Consume

Do we work hard to consume?

Here’s the scene.

5/28/17 6 pm.

Harlem, NY

I’m in the backseat, looking out the window, minding my DAMN business.

The driver (one of the homies) is on the phone with someone.

The conversation is on speaker (and will be monitored for quality assurance purposes).

I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation.

The brief moment I had left the divine activity of minding my business I listened to a statement that stuck with me.

“That’s why I work so hard, so I can have all this stuff.”

It’s not until the next day just before the young lady in It’s Still Weird walk by where I thought, “do we work hard just to consume?”.

I mean obviously we have bills but after those paid, whatever is leftover is to consume.

Are we working hard to have options to produce and experience or just to consume?



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