It’s Still Weird

Shit weird.

Here’s the scene.

8:45 am today (Happy Memorial Day).

I’m parking the space station (issa civic).

A young lady, who appears to be ready for turn up, is walking with her arm extended while holding her nice rose gold iPhone. I assume the angles were not right or perhaps her favorite part of the song hadn’t come up yet.

So she stops walking.

Take 8908, ACTION!

I guess after several attempts she got it just right. Bless.

This whole camera facing, arm extended, lip syncing thing is still weird to me. I’m

I’m 26, you’d think I’d be all for this stuff but I’m not. I’m just not there yet.

It’s still weird to me.

It’s not bad. I’m not perceiving these acts as negative but …

It’s still weird lol…TO ME!

I have Instagram. I watch people stories. But when I see someone actually going through the process of posing for selfies, positioning the phone, rapping/singing a song while doing several hand gestures or gyrating to the beat is still weird.

I watched a Gary Vaynerchuk video recently. During the video, a gentleman asks Gary a question. While Gary is dropping gems, the dude is holding a tripod with a camera attached, arm extended and checking back at the camera frequently. My guess is he’s checking to make sure everything is steady and still recording, I don’t know. Now I know dude is recording and can always playback what Gary was saying but in that moment you’re multitasking and giving the camera 50% & Gary 50%.

I hate to be “that guy” but someone has got to be “that guy”.




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