Growing Pains

I was taking a walk in the park the other day…

Self care is very important. If I don’t care about myself I can’t function the proper way. My vision, my ideas, my thoughts are not clear. I can’t help others the way I want to.

For my basketball fans or people who are familiar with the sport, It’s like shooting a jump shot and not following thru the proper way. That’s the feeling I feel when I mix my feelings with my selfish desires. My excuse has always been, it’s unhealthy but it’s fun. Well in order to achieve greater things in your life or God’s plans for you, you have to remove unhealthy selfish desires that are fun.

Waking up 5:35am to be at the gym and workout at 6:00am is not Fun. Working two jobs a day that you’re not passionate about is not Fun. Studying late at night after your work shift is not Fun. These situations may seem to be a little bit stressful or extreme but the results is WORTH IT. Being healthy, taking care of your family, putting yourself in position to receive your degree. It’s hard but it’s WORTH IT.

Moving forward, I know I’m going to struggle with Enduring the pain of not giving into my selfish desires. But if I have the right amount of FAITH, proper Habits, and Discipline, I Know and Will Rise Above all of my unhealthy selfish desires.



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