Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It by Charlamagne Tha God

Scared of the book title?

Get over it. Read the book.

“I pray for clarity; I pray that God speaks through me; I pray that he directs my steps and moves me the way he wants me to move. I pray for forgiveness every day, several time a day. And I pray that God is with me and everybody I love and care for throughout the day.”-Charlamagne Tha God

Those are my favorite bars from the book and trust me the book has a ton of bars. I question whether or not I’m praying correctly. When I feel I’m losing faith, I wonder if my prayer skills are shaky. Reading that passage of the book showed me that I’ve been praying for the same things a model of mine has been praying for.

So back to the book.

Great read.

Informative read.

Helpful read.

There are certainly many takeaways from his story.

Charlamagnes story is broken up into 8 principles, principles that he lives by that has gotten him to where he is today.

8 Principles

It’s Not the Size of the Pond but the Hustle in the Fish

PYP (Pick Your Passion, Poison, or Procrastination)

Fuck Your Dreams

There Are No Losses, Only Lessons

Put the Weed in the Bag!

Live Your Truth

Give People the Credit They Deserve for Being Stupid

Access Your Black Privilege

My favorite principle would have to be principle 5, Put the Weed in the Bag. Principle 5 is about the process. Character is built in the process. You learn the ins & outs of your lane in the process. Marcus couldn’t be on Majestic level just yet. He had to bag up first & do the ground work before he could begin his own lucrative operation. (Get Rich or Die Tryin’ reference)

People are money hungry and in the midst of their greed for dollars they are unable to see a great opportunity right in front of their face. Principle 5 is about looking at a situation and assessing not only the short term but prioritizing the long term. Charlamagne writes in the book how he basically worked for free in the beginning of his career with Wendy Williams. How many of us today are going to do that? If he had told Wendy & her husband that he had to paid, this book probably would not even exist.

“Success is a process. When you’re just starting out, put yourself in the position to be a part of the process, and THEN get that money!”

I’ve noticed since the release of the book, media outlets and individuals shoot down the title of the book in belief that there is no such thing as black privilege. These same people did not even bother to read the book to understand the meaning.

“Black Privilege is spiritual. White privilege is systemic.”

Charlamagne is using his story to uplift. He is identifying how dope it is to be black. He’s not ignoring that racism or white privilege exists but instead of being a victim he embraces that God created him to be a black man and sees the beauty in that. I’m with him on that. I’m aware that scales may be tipped but that never stops me from working to be the greatest version of myself. No form of racism, discrimination or privilege will force me to live a life of a victim. It’s a privilege to be here, to be human. Why would I discard that privilege just because a group of people don’t like the color of my skin?

Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It, was everything I imagined it to be. Read the book and after each principle apply it your life. Clearly understand if you are pursing a dream of your choice or is it someone else dream. Take inventory of your losses and identify the lessons that can be learned from each loss. Are you being honest not just with yourself but the people around you? Are you living your truth so no one can use your truth against you?

Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It


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