Dark Musings

“Dark musings just may be our greatest source of energy & power.”

“If you’re looking for your inner beast, it’s most likely living in a dark muse.”-Kobe Bryant

Yesterday, I was sad, annoyed and angry. I’ll spare you the details on why. (I just don’t want to tell you.)

I woke up this morning refreshed.

Those emotions, completely wiped away.

“I need that feeling back for this workout”, I told myself.

 I wanted to trigger those emotions & use them.

I tried & tried but I could not. It did not stop me from having a good workout, but good can be better.

As much as I did not like what I was angry about, I was enjoying the feeling.

I was enjoying the energy.

Coming home last night I used that energy in a productive manner. I sat down and completed a few “to-dos” that I had failed to complete in the time I had blocked for myself earlier that day. (Reason #1 for being angry)

So my question for myself is:

How can I access these emotions, these dark emotions, but be able to turn it off when I’m done & need to operate from a more lighter side of emotions or light musings? 


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