Another Flight…

Another Flight…

“There’s this feeling, I’ve been chasing, I’ve got leads on its location…”

Lately I’ve been traveling on planes similar to how pedestrians in NYC use the subway transportation system. It never gets old for me though. I actually love walking around in Airports before my flights. There’s such a peaceful feeling seeing little kids getting excited to travel on planes, sport teams traveling in large groups, best friends heading to Vegas, Mia, or LA, for the weekend to turn up…
For some reason I feel super free and all I want to do is write down all the pure free-flowing thoughts that’s entering my mind one at a time.
I’m blessed and fortunate enough to look at a Departure/Arrival list on a TV monitor and realize that I’ve traveled to many different states and cities in matter of 3-4 years.
There’s no better feeling than traveling to a different places. If you’re in a position where you can travel, take FULL advantage of it and take pictures/writes journals capturing and saving the moments forever.



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