Addition & Subtraction

1st quarter done.

It’s worth taking the time to review the goals and systems you have in place and whether or not changes need to be made.

Yesterday evening I reflected on the last three months and went through a process of addition & subtraction.

Whatever would increase my odds of more wins & more success I add. Whatever is not helping me accomplish great things should be subtracted.

Off top I know I need to subtract my usage of social media. Maybe not totally wipe it away but definitely monitor my time spent on it. 5 quick minutes of scrolling easily turns to 30 minutes.

An addition for March was operating out of the calendar app and play the psychological game with a small memo pad. Every night I’d write down a list of things to do the next day. This list was specific and meant to allow me to see tasks get crossed off. Small wins. I used the calendar app on my phone to create time blocks for activities throughout the day. Both systems allow me to hold myself accountable, get shit done & avoid spinning my wheels.

Thank god for these fanduel battles me and homies been having. Losers do 100 push ups. So I have been on a solid streak of 100+ push-ups every day. Even on days where I won which wasn’t often I still knocked out 100 of them thangs.

If you’re reading this, I think you get the gist of adding and subtracting. I recommend this every quarter or even every month. Why? You could be doing things that are taking away from what you want to accomplish but you haven’t slowed down to check yourself and get on the right track.

Weather gon’ start picking up so we gotta stay focused.



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