Random Vibes

Not sure why this has become a common occurrence but people feel the need to divulge a lot of their personal information with me. I’m not mad at it, I guess I have that energy where people feel the need to add on a little bit more than necessary.

I run in CVS for a few things and at the register is a fellow I used to hoop with in my adolescent years. Judging by his physical appearance, he may be going through some things.

“Wassup man, you still hooping?”

“Can’t complain, yea every now and then. Right over here at the Sports Club. You still hooping?”

“That’s wassup. I be trying to but I ain’t got no insurance or benefits.”

“Damn I feel you. Don’t want to get hurt and then have to come out of pocket.”

“Word, I was playing ball and got elbowed in the jaw. Haven’t played since that day. I ain’t got no insurance. I can’t pay for no stitches either.”

Brief interaction but I don’t think the conversation warranted him telling me his financial situation, right?

I walked away grateful. Not grateful because I didn’t have to hear a man reveal his current circumstance but because it was just another instance where God/the Universe or whatever is telling me, “don’t you be out here complaining & shit”. I’ve never not allowed myself to take part of physical activity because I was afraid of getting hurt and what would transpire after.

I had another instance a few days ago where a older male wanted to know where he could use a computer. Before he finally got to that question he had revealed a recent breakup with his girlfriend of 17 years and how he was unable to to get into his apartment. The man needed to get in contact with some people. As he walks into the direction that I pointed him to and I felt grateful.

Again, not because I didn’t have to no longer listen to an unfortunate love story but because I haven’t had to go through anything like that.

I was empathetic towards dude. Imagine 17 years with one person, all of those feelings invested and then it’s over. Dude is probably juggling all different types of feelings right now.

While reflecting on both incidents an idea sparked. Although I may not be able to get the homie from CVS healthcare or be a liaison between homeboy and his ex-girlfriend, I can tell both individuals that things will work out and keep grinding. Maybe not those exact words but something encouraging to lift the spirits of those two men.

Everyone hasn’t been able to access the know-how on various situations and I know that feeling. Everyone doesn’t have the strength to pick themselves up as soon as they fall.

But if you are confident enough to be vulnerable to a person that you don’t know or haven’t seen in a while, then the least I could do is help lift your spirits with a few words of encouragement and even recommend the proper channels or resources to help you fix your situation.



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