Face It

Today I need to face my fear of progression & the change that comes with it.

If my mind and soul is truly set on progression I have to accept how uncomfortable things will be going forward.

I will lose friends and possibly even family. I’m ok with that. What I will gain is the people who were genuinely there for me before I began to hit my mark.

As much as the comfort zone feels relaxing and calm, the visions that I have don’t exist in that realm. They exist in the realm of change, growth and elevation. I will embrace the chaos that the outside brings while keeping the inside calm.

I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I chose to settle for the regular job where I can coast doing the bare minimum, living for the weekend and not at least making the attempt to live the life I want to live.

I’ve crafted success. I imagined and wrote what success looks like to me. I took that vision apart and realized the only way to accomplish these visions would be through change and frequent departures from the comfort zone.



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