The Rise of Monk Mode Morning by Cal Newport

Study Hacks: The Rise of Monk Mode Mornings

I’m diggin’ Cal Newports recent blog posts on digital minimalism & his overall quest to help people become productive.

The execution of the monk mode morning is straightforward. Between when you wake up and noon: no meetings, no calls, no texts, no email, no Slack, no Internet. You instead work deeply on something (or some things) that matter. -Cal Newport

I’m sure for many a monk mode morning where you put off meetings and emails is almost impossible. I still we can still takeaway the method and perhaps use during another time of day. If you work 9-5, maybe have a monk mode evening where you cut off all distractions from 6-10pm. Maybe you have kids and have to cook dinner, go over homework so the evening wouldn’t work, perhaps the early morning from 5-8am.

If there is something that is truly important to you, something you are committed to accomplishing, I believe you should be able to find 3-4 hours in your day to working deeply on that commitment.



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