Morning Rituals

And then… you wake up. Now what?Tim Ferriss


Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss is a 650+ page book of nutritious & wealthy advise. What I like to call reference book is an opportunity to get inside the mind of many successful people including Jaime Foxx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daymond John and one of my favorite Jocko Willink.

Today I’m vibing on Tim Ferriss’s 5 morning rituals that help him win the day.

I think the way we start our morning can dictate the flow of your day. Now I’m not saying that when you wake up in the morning and stub your toe that your day is ruined. You can obviously turn your day around if you like. But picking up a few small wins can get the momentum going strong.

Tim Ferriss Morning Rituals

  1. Make bed
  2. Meditation
  3. 5-10reps of something
  4. Prepare tea
  5. Morning Pages or 5-minute Journal

I compared Ferriss morning ritual to mine and realized there were a few activities that we share as well as a few that I have tried that don’t seem to work well for me.

My Morning Ritual

  1. Up before the sun
  2. Make bed
  3. Quick Stretch
  4. Pre-Workout meal & at least 2 cups of water
  5. Gym (Meditation)

I remember when I first began trying to put together my morning rituals, it was too much. I was trying to read, meditate, journal and walk the dog all before it was time for me to leave for the gym. It was just too much and led to me not even doing half.

I tried to journal but the pen never moved. I sat down and read but was it necessary? I read throughout the day and usually end the night reading a few pages. I had failed at racking up those small wins to start the day.

Once I fully committed to working out only at 5am I’ve been waking up at 4:30 on training days and 5:30 the latest on the weekends. When I mention what time I wake up people look at me crazy but it’s not that hard. Getting up at 4:30 in the winter is actually pretty damn difficult.

Before I read the passage on Tim Ferriss rituals this video found its way to my laptop screen.

Ironically enough this video is referenced in Tools of Titans. The reason for making my bed is simply to rack up those small wins and start the day with some action.

I proceed to get quick stretch in just to fully wake my body up.

Almost time to walk out the door and make my way to the gym but before that I try to get some food and most importantly water in my body. Some days I’ll down a liter of water. Some days two cups will do but drinking water is a must do for me in the morning.

To conclude my morning rituals is my form of meditation and that is hitting the weights. The difference between lifting at 5am & 5pm are huge. I’ll sacrifice getting up early to make sure I can get into the gym when it is not crowded and hectic. I throw on a podcast or a playlist and get to work. In the gym I’m just focused on getting a great workout in and being mindful of how I’m feeling. The gym clears my mind just as well as sitting in the lotus position, plus I do that kind of meditation in the evening.



Thats my alarm clock. Ain’t no escaping giving thanks and being grateful for whatever it is I’m grateful for that morning. So upon waking my morning really starts with gratitude. Gratitude doesn’t just stop in the morning it continues throughout the day.


start the morning with some small wins & own the day.


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