Her Name is Peace

Been searching for Peace for a few years now. A lot of potential situations for obtaining Peace just passed by my way but didn’t last or was a quick fling. Never been a fan of quick flings. Theres no substance with quick flings. For its like leaving somebody with the short end of the stick. Too many times I was the guy that was on the short end of the stick (pause). Feeling used, confused, and at times not wanting more but just the physical connection. At times, I wanted more than just a physical connection but Peace wasn’t having it.

Her name is Peace. There’s no other way to put it. I may be forcing it mentally but enough is enough. Sometimes I’m too cool and shy away from it, but I’m off that now. Her name is Peace. Even though I just recently met Peace, the line of communication is so mutual and genuine. Just imagining how it would feel to be her partner in life…So vibrant, free, loving and funny, I can really go on but you get the point. There’s something so refreshing and beautiful about something that is so authentic, unique, and stress-free.

Usually I keep these feelings to myself but I’m at the stage in my life where I’m maturing and feeling good about who I’m becoming. I don’t know how to measure it but I’m no longer running away from my growth mentally and spiritually. I’m actually enjoying and embracing it with a big smile on my face.

Some people may be able to relate some may not. To those in my position, enjoy the process/moment. To those who have obtained Peace, love it every single day. Hold onto it tightly. Don’t take Peace for granted because there’s somebody around the corner waiting patiently to obtain your Peace.



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