It Can’t be that Bad

“Life is all about the evolution, Time is Short that’s what somebody told me” – Cole World

6:30am. On my way back from the Airport after the Airlines left my bags in another state overnight. I can’t lie it sucks and it’s a terrible feeling not having your bags with your personal belongings. But for some reason I was able to control my frustrations. This same situation happened to me a couple years ago and I acted like a spoiled brat and was super frustrated. I quickly started panicking because I wanted my stuff back ASAP. I realized when this happened to me in the past, I wasted energy and put too much power in Material Things. Last time I checked, I arrived safely to my destination and I’m still breathing. Sometimes, we take for granted the Simple things in life.

Today was different though. I didn’t flinch and I was actually happy and grateful leaving the airport with my bag at 6:30am in the morning lol…

At this moment, there are so many things in my life that I’m trying to accomplish. Looking for something Real in my life to settle down and one day start a family with, continuing to get better in my craft, being a better leader, etc. it may sound crazy but I don’t have time to waste energy on something so small like this…

Think about it, we need to eliminate certain things, actions, or possessions that our minuscule in our lives. Why is my boss talking more to her than me, why does this person receive this parking spot, how come I can’t go first in the lunch line, etc. It’s sad, its petty, and it’s a complete waist of time/energy.

Look on the bright side, you woke up this morning, you’re healthy, and you’re free to do whatever you want.

Stay Positive, Keep Pushing, Show Love, Enjoy Life!

Love Always,


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