Stuck On An Island

Last month, a question popped up on Twitter.

If you were stuck on an island what 5 albums are taking with you?

That’s a tough question. I’ve listened to a lot of music and could come up with many lists of 5. My answer was:

I love all 5 of these projects.

My introduction to music wasn’t hip-hop. It was rock, alternative and oldies. When I was younger I would play Thriller top to bottom, screaming (thinking I was singing) every song until somebody slapped me in the back of my head to quiet down. It took me awhile to get over the fear of the Thriller video but I bossed up and got over that. I’m knocking Thriller in the morning when I’m on the island. Getting my groove right for the day and making sure my two step is still A1.

I started listening to hip hop when 50 Cent & G-Unit were on the rise. I was tuned in to every freestyle, mixtape, interview and any other news regarding the collective. I bought GRODT with my own money and could not press stop on my cd player. On an island GRODT is getting through all my workouts and getting me fired up just in case I need to pull up on some wildlife for dinner.

KiD CuDi has done a lot for people. His music has been a helping hand to people struggling in life. He has done a lot for me ever since A Kid Named Cudi. MOTM2 dropped 2010, which would mean I was a junior in college I believe. During that time I was going through it. I was “muhfuckin tide”. Cudi helped me out. This album spoke to my soul and got me through some tough and dark days. I’m bringing this on the island just because it means a lot. I’d play Mojo So Dope as loud as I can on that island and dance like a hippie.

My favorite rapper for last few years, Ab-Soularsystem. It was a toss up between Control System & Longterm Mentality but I chose Longterm Mentality because this was the project where I was sold on Ab-Soul. At first I wasn’t feeling him but stumbled upon his video for Pineal Gland & Terrorist Threat. From there, I went back to his past tapes and Longterm Mentality was just a great listen. I credit Ab-Souls music for helping me wake up. I researched all the stuff he was talking about in his music, from pineal gland, government, all the spiritual stuff. I’m vibing to Longterm Mentality for the wisdom and witty bars Ab-Soul spits.

Finally, I end with Kanyes, 808s & Heartbreak. This IS my favorite album.. I feel connected to this album. I had early version leaks of songs. Everyday I checked to see if there were any updates on the release of the album. I wanted to know who was producing, writing, everything. 808s & Heartbreak is a stone cold groove, can you dig it baby? I had some dope Sony headphones back then. Noise cancelling over the ear jawns. No lie I heard so many different instruments on this album. People hate this album but IDGAF. I will always ride for this album in any Kanye West debate.

There you have it. My list of 5 albums I’d take with me if I’d be stuck on an island. It was dope to see all the responses. Some people went straight gangsta, some went straight knowledge, some went pure mellow vibes.

Written By:

Ky’ron “Weeze” Fitzgerald




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