I Decided

For the past week I have been playing Big Seans new album, I Decided. Just letting it spin during my day to day activities. Whenever I could throw my headphones on and listen to music I chose I Decided.

The album was released on the beloved Apple Music February 3 and I am almost certain I have listened to I Decided 2-3 times a day. That would put me close to 25 listens. Not one track here and one track there. Complete listens from the Intro all the way to Bigger Than Me.


What I appreciate most and what makes the entire album sound and flow incredibly is the concept behind the project. Beginning with the cover art you present Sean on the left standing in the driveway of his home and future Sean on right standing in the driveway of his home. Both are separated by a tree that symbolizes the seed an individual plants and sees grow over time. Throughout the album you hear the future Sean speaking wisdom to present Sean whether it be questioning why he is calling a female or answering his mothers call.

Sean describes the concept of the album below.

The concept of the album is this is me & this is an older version of me. It’s parallel right there with each other, but the name of the album is ‘I Decided.’ I realized my whole life changed when I decided. I feel like life is about making right decisions at any point, or the wrong decisions. So the album is basically like having that wisdom of an old man while you’re young and going through life & figuring it out.


Features play a solid role in the cohesiveness of a project. Picking the correct voices to get more out of a song is important. There was no feature on I Decided that did not fit the sound of the album. Even Eminems ‘No Favor’ verse seemed to flow well. Now did the subject matter relate, ehh but its Eminem so it’s all good. My favorite feature is the Migos on ‘Sacrifice’. I been on a Migos kick since last year so I was hype to hear how they contributed to the album. Quavo & Offset delivered solid verses , keeping it within the scope of the song while still keeping it Migos.

Final Feel

In the end, I’m back on the Big Sean bandwagon. I Decided spoke to my soul and is what I needed to hear at this point in my life. That’s what I enjoy about music. One person probably won’t connect much to this project but for me at this point of transition in my life this album is very motivating.

The album is a straight through listen in my opinion. The vibe is very mellow and chill with a little bounce to it. It is dope to hear Sean get spiritual on this album and get in tune with himself and not only aspire to live a positive life but make the best decisions. My favorite transition of the album has to be the end of ‘Sunday Morning Jetpack’ leading into ‘Inspire Me’. He could have ignored his mother call again but that voice in his head is telling him to pick up. I’ve almost embedded “stick to the plan” into my subconscious. After a gym session I walked into the locker room and randomly started saying and another guy heard me and responded “you ain’t lying man”.

Feel: Plenty Feels 5/5

Favorite Song: Voices in my head/Stick to the plan

Favorite Feature: Migos

Favorite Beat: Bounce Back



Written By:

Ky’ron “Weeze” Fitzgerald

Instagram: @kxweeze

Twitter: @kxweeze


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