…post-year analysis

Post-game analysis

I’m taking the time to reflect and perform a 80/20 analysis.

Looking back before I move forward.

What 20% of activities,people,etc. gave 80% of joy and results that I want out of my life?

What 20% of activities,people, commitments,etc. gave me 80% of negative emotions that I don’t want in my life?

I’ve done a great job eliminating people, and activities that don’t bring much value or enjoyment to my life.

Any negative emotions at this point have been due my lack of urgency and desire to attack.

I’ve done a great job of spending my time doing what I enjoy.

Those hobbies and people whom bring joy and results is what I will continue to do for another 365.

I audited myself. I performed a SWOT analysis on myself. I have pinpointed my areas that need improving and found solutions.


Looking at my goals for 2016, the core goals carryover. I noticed that I had a lot of goals, mainly because at one point I felt I didn’t have enough. That turned into me spinning my wheels. My family,health/fitness, financial, professional,reading, & writing goals have been trimmed but remain specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based.

Those 6 categories are most important to me. There are plenty of things I want to do but the above categories are what I’m supposed to do so I can do what I want to do.


I’ve been aware of minimalism for a couple years but this year I committed to living a life with less. Truly embodying quality over quantity. Cutting down on consuming. Substituting the useless & meaningless for the valuable and meaningful. This includes friendships, relationships, family, material possessions and information.

Minimalism has helped me adjust my goals and get rid of the fluff. I want to dial in on the exact actions that when executed will propel me to the next level.

Don’t get caught up in this life of consuming more. I’m not advising you to not buy things but buy things that add value and are meaningful. When you strip things down to whether they are valuable, you’ll realise that you don’t need THAT much.

Next Game

There were bad possessions but we make adjustments.

Next play.

There were great possessions and a few runs.

Jordan fist pump. Next play.

Next play mentality. Not dwelling too much on the win, the lost, the positive yards,the negative yards. Take what you can and move on to the next play.

With 2016 coming to a close I’m looking at it as the end of regulation for a game. Now I prepare for the next game. It’s a long game and that’s what I’m in it for, the long game.

Play the game, win or lose, bless up & get back to work. I’m sure after winning the chip Lebron didn’t rest on his laurels.



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