RanDom Thoughts LAtely

I see error (Ciara) in your ways, ain’t no Future in it.

Lately, I’ve been traveling a lot. When I travel a lot, I’m able to really sit down with my thoughts. Lately, I realized I should’ve really given writing music or doing something with music a real shot for a career.

I listen to music errryday (everyday)!! It gets me thru the day I tell people lol. It changes my mood: it’s gets me hype, makes me want to dress fly and stunt on my peers in clubs, makes me want spend money on Jordans and expensive jewelry. Also, it makes me want to know how I can change the world, work harder, and give back to my community. So many feelings and emotions music produces for me.

Lately, I’ve been rocking out to Rapsody’s new EP, Crown. When I tell you this girl can flat out spit…smh. Still vibing to it now as I write this story.

Lately, I’ve been getting the urge to write more because of certain songs and artists that have been influencing me to put my ideas down in mY notes section on my Iphone.

Much love to Rapsody for inspiring me to write this random story about how much music impacts my life everyday.



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