…i got this new diet

we have been blessed with a slew of social media networks. a new way to connect and communicate with people all over the world. one captures creative funny in 7 seconds (RIP). another provides the freedom to express yourself in 140 characters. there’s the other app that allows you to upload a piece of content that lasts a day before it disappears. oh yea, can’t forget that app that allows us to uploads photos and videos with well thought out captions. and to think those are only a few out of several more.

the point of this piece is really me coming to grips with how my level of exposure to these apps have affected me in a non-productive way. i believe in the future many of us will be in a mental institution or seeking help because of how addicted we have become to the retweets, likes and snap views. i once enjoyed these platforms because of the useful information i was able to pick up but all of the positive words and information could not fight off the barrage of negative things i don’t want to see anymore.

much like my comrade who wrote this post i feel the need to break away from social media. i don’t have much for these apps. i’ll pass on the thirst traps, ignorance and false information.

i don’t see the issue with needing a social media cleanse, even going as far as deleting accounts. social media is exposing me to far too many liars with no integrity making rules on how to live life. it’s exposing me to a plethora of sheep who are insecure, ignorant, misinformed and lost.

i once believed social media was not real life. that line has been extremely blurred for the worst. the freedom of having an opinion and voicing it comes with the freedom to disagree and that is misunderstood. what we see everyday is a contest of who can destroy who the worst and who can make who look the stupidest first.

social media zaps my productivity. 5 minutes of scrolling turns into 30 minutes. next thing you know I’ve spent hours scrolling seeing the good, the bad and the ugly.

since i got onto twitter,and instagram etc., i began to aspire to live a life off the grid or at least with minimal access of communication. i knew what these apps would become and the effect it would have on the masses. to see how far people would go to make a dollar, gain new followers or even a damn “lol” is sad to see. to see the amount of hate, ignorance and fake outrage on a daily basis is draining.

so I’m now on a diet. it’s called the Low Information Diet, coined by author and podcaster, Tim Ferriss. i am committed to consuming less and doing more. i need not consume information that is irrelevant, negative and brings no value to my life.

in conclusion, fuck the noise,the distractions and the fake.


Written by:

Ky’ron Fitzgerald




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