Stop Entertaining BullSh**

My mistakes are my biggest professors and learning life lessons. I realize it ain’t what you have, it’s what you feel, that’s what true success is.

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. Seeking advice doesn’t make you weak. What makes you weak in my opinion, is trying to please everybody. Not believing in yourself won’t get you anywhere in life.

When I first started working, after my short Pro basketball career, my co-worker told me I have to “fake it to you make it” in this business/life. At first I didn’t understand it. As I got older I started to seeing it everyday. I started seeing people selling their souls just to be liked/viewed as being cool by their peers. And to be honest I started to give into it as well. I hated every minute of it smh. It made me weak and hate myself. I will come home and go to sleep frustrated because I wasn’t being or staying true to myself.

Fast forward to now.

Now, I just stay true to myself and show love in everything I do. I say Love all the time because Love defeats everything. Sometimes I want to lose my cool but I just think back to when somebody showed me love during a tough time. It’s easier to Love than hate all the time.

I don’t need to be liked or loved by everybody. It’s cool. That’s life but I’m not going to allow my surroundings to force me to concede to not staying true to myself.

Love Always.


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