American Dreamin’

Uncle Doc,
Nephew: I got something I want to say and I feel as if we’ve garnered the relationship to where i can be myself with you and I can talk unfiltered, right?

Doc: Go Ahead Nephew.
Nephew: The Association is what I’ve dreamt of since I can remember.  I’ve always wanted to lace up against the best. Shiiiidddd, since I can remember I can’t remember when I thought I wasn’t one of the best.

Doc: Now that’s a bold statement young fella, you may need to back peddle yo ass back to the sideline. This is grown man talk here son son, you ain’t put in enough work yet, but you got the glow, they all see it.

Nephew: But what are you suppose to do when you feel a million miles away from what you love. In your mind you know you are different, you work differently, you think differently.

Doc: Oh! Is that what you think, young fella? Well if that’s the case, how did you end up here? Where did you go wrong along this journey? See before we can answer that, we need to figure out why you are here. I mean something must have changed. Where did you go wrong & that is not a question you need to answer out loud or bring attention to. Just know in your heart that you are willing to get up, dust yourself off, and begin from where you stand.

Nephew: Yeah, that’s part of the reason I wanted to talk to you. I messed up man, had some of the wrong influences around me and it cost me an opportunity.

Doc: See, most in life mess up because they do not know who they are. No, I do not mean where you grew up or calling out your sets like a fool. I am speaking from a spiritual stance right now, when you look in the mirror, What do you see? Who do you see? If you cannot answer that question with conviction then we’re going to be running around in circles. So who do you see?

Nephew: I see a kid,Doc. A kid that has been broken down, time and time again. But is so stubborn in what he wants he refuses to let anything tell him NO.
Doc: Young fella listen here, it is okay to have been knocked down, it is okay to have fallen. Hell, in life it’s going to seem you fall more times than you stand. But each time you fall, you get right back up.

Nephew: Big bro always said, “Keep Going”. I just never thought about it being me. Keeping myself from moving forward.

Doc: This is a journey young fella, along the way you will have times where you feel like you’re losing, even when the scoreboard tells you you’re not. But you have to keep going. Oh yeah, and learn from your mistakes. It kills me to see someone with so much potential continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again. Just like a dog chasing his tail, he gone keep chasing it until he bite that MF off, then what happens, he’ll wait for the pain to go away, and get back to chasing.
Nephew: haha, yeah, unk I got you man. It’s just tough for me right now, especially feeling like I’m not where I’m supposed to be.

Doc: Give yourself room to grow and give yourself the opportunity to do so. It is hard enough for you be in the in the Association. Do yourself a favor and don’t hold yourself back with worries, stress, or any of those other silly emotions we bring on ourselves. Young fella, you love to ball, then go out there and ball.

Nephew: Yessir, Thanks Doc. I gotta go man, I got practice in an hour. Love!

Doc: Aight now. Love! Aye, Nephew, remember this, Old Fools, were once Young Fools.

Love ya,



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