Taking a Break

The more I drink, the more I think of bad thoughts. The more I go on Instagram and SnapChat, the more I think of Lustful thoughts. It’s no secret to how this world works in this day and age. Do something cool show off and post it on social media. See something you like on social media either hate internally or like it, repost it, or comment on it.

The other night I was taking a walk, I randomly thought about how much time I spend on social media daily. To be honest it’s sickening how can literally spend 30-60mins on my couch after work just scrolling thru timelines, pictures, and 10sec videos. Some of it is positive, some of it lustful, some are funny, and some are just stupid. Too much of anything can hurt you and certain things in life you need to let go of if you feel that it’s heavily influencing you in a negative way.

Speaking for myself, I realized I need to take a break from constantly following what everybody else doing, who’s she dating, how pretty this girl is, what rapper is beefing what the next rapper, how come nobody is liking my pics, and how come she won’t follow me back.

There’s only so much time in the day and I spend way too much time on social media smh. Balance is Good but sometimes you need let go of things that’s stunting your growth or flat out just waisting your time, energy, and thoughts.

Love Always,


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