…savannah meditations 1.0

[09/07/16 6:00 A.M]

1.sometimes i hope the people who say they love me are still praying for me.

sometimes i don’t even care

sometimes i wonder if those same people believe in me anymore or did they give up on me

sometimes i don’t care

2.i been neglecting that alone time necessary to think over life and what i want out of it. funny i been neglecting alone time when i’m alone most of the time. why i’m neglecting this alone time? hmm..fear?

3.accepting the past and crafting a better life should be prioritized but the past manages to creep on me in different fashions interfering with my thoughts. coercing me to think “what if” & “why didn’t”.

4.the minute i get out of my own way is when i can proceed to the next level

5.maybe distance is no longer a viable option for me anymore. mystery and distance is me though. do i balance staying out the way with being physically present amongst my peers more often?

shit, maybe that doesn’t even matter.

keep hibernating.

6.maybe i’m overthinking, i do that often.

7.i took time for granted and now that a lot of things are changing. its fucking me up.

8.roll with the punches. change will never stop.

frightened of change? but what can exist without it. what’s closer to natures heart? can you take a hot bath and leave the firewood as it was? eat food without transforming it? can any vital process take place without something being changed? can’t you see? it’s just the same with you-and just as vital to nature. –Marcus Aurelius

[09/10/16 9:00 A.M]


Written by:

Ky’ron Fitzgerald




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