Real As It Gets

A mind that is unfocused is vulnerable to “the world, the flesh, and the devil,” all of which exert a downward pull on your thoughts. The best remedy is to refocus your mind and heart on God, your constant Companion.

It maybe pain, it maybe stress, it maybe guilt, it maybe hate. To be truthful, it’s all thee above. At this moment, I’m disgusted with Life right now. I don’t understand it. I congratulate my friends on their accomplishments but deep down inside I’m a little bit jealous asking when I’m going to accomplish something great. I see my friends on social media posting highlight reels of their lives which I liked or commented on wishing that I can do the same with my social media outlets. I see friends that I grew up with getting married and having babies left to right which makes me ask myself, when is that going to be me.

I talk God everyday, obviously asking him for forgiveness and thanking him for his grace and mercy. His wisdom, spirit, and love guides me to go the right way in life but instead I choose other paths. I try to follow his directions but the pain of enduring the discipline to obey God’s calling and wisdom are tough as nails when you’re living in a world where everything and anything is one Uber drive away.

You may feel that you made the right choice today or you got it under control but tomorrow or next week you give into the World’s desires and you slip up.

Not sure when this cycle is going to end but I’m definitely tired of the pain. Nas said it best, “This World is an Addiction, Serving our fix.”


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