PDX Vibes

Lately I’ve been going thru some tough times. Not understanding why but instead of making excuses or feeling sad about it, I realized that it’s all a part of growing up. With any addiction, loss, or obstacle, the best thing to do at times is to rest or take some time to recover from whatever pain your enduring.

I realized that with certain situations you can’t always restart or pause the game. But life is not like your favorite video game. It’s hard to get right back to that spot where you paused or restarted the game at.

With everything, your body, mind, and soul, needs time to recover. (Ex. exercising, finishing long work days, deaths, etc.) Your body and thoughts works best when it has time to recover.

Lately, I haven’t been allowing my mind, body, and soul to recover from obstacles I’ve been facing. I’ve been going right back to the obstacle instead of taking the proper time to rest and recover. At this moment I’m weak but with everything, you have to start from somewhere. You can’t be Superman and think you can overpower every situation or obstacle you face.

Whether your starting point is all the way at the bottom or not, take the necessary time to Recover. Matter of fact embrace resting and recovering and you’ll see the positive results once you face your obstacles again.


Love is Love


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