Is it Worth IT…

“But on the real the road to success is prone to collision. Every now and then something happens that’s unexpected, Like that newborn in your life because you fuckin’ unprotected. Nobody’s perfect.” – Logic

Shawn, please share your story Love One:

So many so many thoughts in my mind right now. It took me a while but I’ve been able to find some peace and time to unwind in my notepad. While traveling, I’ve been having ample time to sit down catch up with my thoughts. Not sure how to present this story so I’m just going to go right in.

I may need therapy to change my thought process towards females but as of right now my mindset towards them is really damaged. Not sure what other word I can use besides damaged but that’s how I’m feeling right now. The other night I had a one night stand. A few days later after that, I had another one night stand with a different female.

Now amongst my peers, “I’m the Man” or “I see you out there Shawn sleighing these chicks.” But deep down inside I feel like shit. Then my conscience kicks and ask, “why are feeling like shit for…you out here making money and smashing chicks. You living the life. You bugging Shawn.” But to be honest I’m not bugging or tripping. I’m really keeping it real with myself.

Regardless if you’re having unprotected or protected sex, your putting yourself out there risking way too much. Speaking for myself…Afterwards, I always tell myself you’re risking it all. What’s all: my career, having a unwanted kid with a chick I’m not really feeling or who I just met, catching a disease, or not letting go of terrible/silly memories.

I’m truly acknowledging that I’m a complete dirtbag and by me writing this story, this is not going to right my wrongs. But if you’re reading this with some sense, be wise. Really understand what you’re risking And ask yourself if it’s really worth it…before it’s too late.




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