…the night life

1.’the night life’ is no good to me. and it has been no good to me since 2011. that is when i declared attending every club funktion or weekend event unimportant in my life and almost a waste of energy & time. between depression and trying to find purpose in life i figured there is no way i could “find myself” in a club or bar.

to this day i can’t really pinpoint an event or reason for this particular thought shift.

i have possible answers but i think it’s best to keep that between the universe and myself.

2.i don’t hate the night life. i just rather not be there. i want to be home.

3. ‘the night life’ proved to be more draining than exciting.

going to the club just doesn’t excite me. i don’t care too much for strict dress codes and overpriced drinks. i don’t care for the sparklers and flashing camera lights trying capture the bottles and buckets being put down on the table.

4.ain’t no secret formula separating yourself from that element for those wondering how.

there is no magic.

it’s simple.moderation.decline invitations.

if you don’t like something why would you keep doing it? i like working out. i like waking up early, getting to the gym when its fairly empty and attacking the weights. there is a level of enjoyment that flows through me that no longer exists when i hit the club. i simply picked up hobbies that fulfilled me more than sexy bartenders and a wack dj set. during those friday and saturday nights i’m engulfed in activities that i enjoy. FOMO don’t exist around here beloved.

5.if you feel like some external force is pulling you and coercing you to go out every weekend than you need some water. this is something you actually have control over.

6.people caught up in that lifestyle look at me like i’m speaking a foreign language. but i feel them because i look at them crazy for going out every chance.

7.i find a weird dopeness in being a ghost. when i do step out it makes the conversations richer. it makes the moment better.

if i went clubbing every weekend, the experience would become very dull quick. with a little moderation it makes it so that when i do go out i enjoy it more.

8.the night life is very low on the importance list. i don’t need to celebrate an accomplishment or surviving the work week with drinks,hookah and loud music.i don’t need to be present at every event. i’m ok with missing “the greatest party of summer”. why? because there will be another party. because the people that was at that event will be at the next event. the music will be the same. the liquor will taste the same at the next event as well.

9.this is just me. i don’t think many can relate and that is perfectly fine. i’m not looking for people to relate. keep doing you. when i come around just show love.





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