Deep Work:Rules For Focused Success In Distracted World

Deep Work:Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport

just completed an interesting book called ‘deep work:rules for focused success in a distracted world’ by cal newport.

great read with solid information that can applied right away. newport compares deep work vs. shallow work.the idea of deep work itself are “activities performed in a state of distraction free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limits.”on the other side, shallow work are activities performed while distracted. these activities unlike deep work don’t add much value.

we live in a day full of distractions. we are always glued to our phones. we gotta get these tweets off, catch the selfie because of the awesome lighting or snap whatever funktion we are at. we are also distracted by emails, television, friends wanting to go out every night.

we are distracted.

it takes discipline to lock in and enter this state of deep work. if you have goals that you’d like to fulfill then you will have to put in a lot work. but in order to accomplish these dreams you have to dig into a deeper level of focus and work deeply to complete the process.

i believe that the more responsibility that piles on your plate the more organised to you have to be. you have to respeck time and realise that it is a commodity. your time is precious and should not be giving it out without consulting with…yourself.throughout the book newport presents methods to be handle social media, and emails as well as proven ways to lock in and learn.

innovative men like bill gates, and steve jobs had to enter a state of deep work to give us the iphone and the windows os. if you can set aside a certain amount of time everyday to work deeply on something you are truly after it will come to light.

in all honesty i don’t think i hit the nail on this book review but if you need some intel on effective ways to increase productivity and limit wasting your time doing things that don’t add value to your life then pick this book up. it’s a fairly quick read loaded with information. read it and take what your higher self wants from it.

personally i am having more productive days as of recent. i am being meticulous with where and how my time is spent. i realise that i have work to do and can’t spend it on nonsense at this point.deep work was a major key.

few key takeaways:

  • high quality work produced = (time spent) * (intensity of focus)
  • commit to depth. depth>shallowness
  • quickly master hard things
  • produce @ an elite level;quality & speed
  • schedule every minute of your day w/o becoming a slave to your schedule
  • social media is best in moderation. is twitter/instagram/snapchat beneficial in your journey?





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