…the morning I gave thanks for something different

5:39 a.m.

at the park by the water.

the night before I had watched a video by Gary Vaynerchuk, where he tells people how rare it is to be human and how we made it and won because we are humans.

i never heard that.

in the mornings i wake up and think about things that i am grateful for.

i’m grateful for good health, food, shelter, my family. you know all the everyday things we say we are grateful for.

i never said, “I’m grateful for being a human.”

i never gave thanks for taking human form.

i’m sitting on the bench. sun in my eyes, thinking about why we should be grateful to be human. from my perspective, the human perspective, we are the most accomplishing body of work. we have the abilities to create great things, think rationally and logically, and control our life. from my perspective we live a more lit life than an owl, a squirrel, a deer or any animal for that matter. many animals are prey and live their life running and hiding so they won’t become “bbq chicken” (Shaq voice).

the animals that probably come close to being lit are dogs and cats. people treat their dogs and cats like their children.

after examining why i’m grateful for being a human i thought about my health and how i’m not only a human but a healthy functioning human.

i’m solid.

i’m 100%.

there are many people who don’t have limbs, or who suffer from physical and mental disabilities. i wake up with all my parts functioning. the little jammed fingers or sore ankle is nothing compared to what some people deal with. so for that i’m grateful.

slight morning reflection. i know its Saturday but if you ain’t where you want to be get some work done. own the day.



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