…the night inspiration trumped dislike

the cleveland cavs just came back from 3-1 against the highly favored golden state warriors to win the nba championship.

great game 7.

but I won’t act like i am ecstatic to see Lebron James win this chip.

i’m not a Lebron James fan. haven’t been since “The Decision”.

felt that whole spectacle was corny on his part. but I’m not writing about that.

i’m writing about the inspiration i felt seeing the cavs win this chip. it’s obvious that to be in the nba there is a whole different level of work that has to be put in. getting in tip top physical and mental shape is no easy task. Lebron James has been crowned the best player on the planet, so i know that means he is putting in a ton of work to be given that title. i’m not the biggest follower of nba. i don’t watch every game but i do know what transpired this year. while the warriors basically coasted during the regular season, Lebron & Co. had to deal with many ups and downs trying to build momentum and chemistry.

the game ended and i felt inspired. i stared at the tv screen just nodding my head saying wow. hard work, faith and speaking things into existence seemed like the formula to get Lebron that championship. he put the message in the universe. that message being winning a championship for The Land but having faith and putting in a massive amount of work were major keys to accomplishing that goal.

i’m inspired to keep grinding. i may not get the gold the first year. but if i stay true to the hustle, things will happen sure enough.

i’m inspired to keep honing my craft. i may not understand certain aspects of what i’m learning the first go around but if i keep applying myself eventually i will be a master at it.

i’m inspired to never lose faith. the minute i lose faith is when my momentum drops to zero.

i’m inspired to keeping building. If i stop building i won’t have anything. i won’t reach new heights.

today inspiration trumps my dislike for Lebron James. he’s good in my book.

salute to JR Smith for getting a ring man.


Written by:

Ky’ron Fitzgerald




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