I’m not an A&R, I just listen.

Peace to the people. I needed to flush my mind of these thoughts I’ve had concerning Bas Too High To Riot project.

But first. Link up.



I’m not an A&R, I just listen to the music. Too High To Riot is refreshing. Bas came through and dropped some quality audio dope for me to consume. Too High To Riot is basically my introduction to Bas. I’ve yet to spin Last Winter and the first songs I heard prior to THTR (Housewives & Night Job) are actually songs off the album.

I judge music by feeling and THTR just feels good. The smooth productions paired with infectious flows and lyrics make this album very enjoyable to listen to. THTR reminds me of life. Ups & downs of life.I feel optimistic about all the curves balls life is throwing at me after listening to this.
A major plus is replay value. The Riccochet video dropped a couple days ago. Before that release I had not listened to THTR in a few weeks. Peeped the video and spun the tape during a gym session and it sounded fresh & new.

This is multi-purpose music big fella. I’m vibing to THTR on the wake up, while I’m in the gym making gains, while I’m cruising with Lucille (my Civic) and while i’m cooling down after a long day of living. You should too.

Fav. Track: Riccohet (Today)
Least Fav. Track: N/A
Fav. Feature: The Hics
Fav. Beat: Black Owned Business/Housewives


Written by:

Ky’ron Fitzgerald




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