We’re not A&Rs, we just listen.

Peace to the people. This is the first music discussion here at EveryFeeL’d. As you can tell by the name, DA & myself are not A&Rs, we just listen. Before we dive into this body of work put some respeck on the craft and hit the link below. Buy the music or stream up.

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KF: I been rocking with Chance The Rapper since the 10 Day mixtape. During the rise of drill rap I sought to find what else Chicago had to offer. I stumbled on Chance. I was impressed with his flow, delivery & “Ahh” adlibs. 10 Day and Acid Rap were satisfying pieces of work and I knew Coloring Book would follow suit.

DA: Drake name dropped Chance on ‘Draft Day’ which led me to check on him. I’ve also been hearing his name buzzing lately as well as his contribution to The Life of Pablo. Those reasons alone made me want to give his tape some spins and see if I can get into dude music.

KF: Chance did not disappoint me at all. I wasn’t too big on the ‘Mixtape’ track featuring Thugger & Lil Yachty and I thought it messed up with the cohesiveness of the project. Wrong I was.(Yoda voice) The track has grown on me after a numerous amount of listens. That is honestly the only track that had to grow on me. From the first listen I was vibing hard with Coloring Book. Chance The Rapper put together a very bright and …colorful project. It’s positive and is simply Chance The Rapper. I can hear the progression and evolution in his music while still knowing this is Chance The Rapper.  My man also held his ground on ‘How Great’ with the OG Jay Elec. Lets not ignore the narration by upcoming comedian HaHaDavis. I been watching his IG videos for awhile and then all of a sudden I hear him on a few tracks. “Cmon Big Fella!!!”

DA: Few friends of mine has spoken highly of his latest piece of work.  Honestly, it’s not hittin at the moment for me. I’m still going to need some time to it with it but as of right now this not what I’m currently looking for. I understand the direction of where he’s going with the tape and definitely respek his movement but I’m just not feeling it. I’ll leave with one positive though, ‘Juke Jam’ is hard and I can most definitely vibe with that track.

KF: I hear that. I don’t know about you DA but Coloring Book will be getting some spins during these summer months. Eventually I think it will grow on you and you’ll be hitting me up talking about Coloring Book. You will randomly hear a song on the journey and it will stick. I promise you (Khaled voice). All in all, solid project.


Fav. Track:Summer Friends (Today)

Least Fav. Track: Mixtape

Fav. Feature: 2 Chainz/Jay Elec

Fav. Beat:All Night


Fav. Track:Juke Jam

Least Fav. Track:Mixtape

Fav. Feature:Justin Bieber

Fav. Beat:Juke Jam



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