Post About Nothing

These days everyone is on the entrepreneur wave and wanting to be their own boss. Because if you’re not your own boss, Damon Dash will scold you. I’m not knocking the wave at all just to be clear.

Back in my youth moms made me attend Mount Saint Michael, an all boys catholic school in the Bronx, in efforts to distance me from the often problematic Mount Vernon school system.

February 6, 2003.

50 Cent drops Get Rich Or Die Trying. Classic album, no debates.

My pops bought the CD for me. Every morning when he drove me to school he saw how enthused I was about anything regarding the G-Unit/Murder Inc beef. I was locked in. Hot97 every morning anticipating new diss tracks or breaking news regarding the two cliques.

Next to Thriller I never played an album so much.

I burned GRODT to a CD for a friend and next thing I knew I had started a business. At the time, I had no idea what was happening. I really just wanted some money to buy video games.

Word spread pretty quickly and requests for a copy of this classic were being made. I charged between $3-5 for a CD. Overtime many people had a copy of GRODT courtesy of myself.

So what’s next?

Welcome Kazaa.

Classmates made a list of songs. I take the list, get the songs and burn them to a CD. I take video game cases, take out the booklet and back paper and boom, product.

My GAP velcro wallet was fat. My boy Kev & I had it boomin.

Here is when things go south which ultimately lead to my little business crumbling. People wanted a piece of the pie. My mentality was to let everyone eat. I didn’t say no. So what started out as just two friends ended up being at least a 6 man operation. I created unnecessary jobs. To be honest, a few of them i wasn’t even really cool.

SMH. Fuckin leeches.

Too bad I didn’t pay them much. Lol gave them fools like 25 cent no lie.

In the midst of people wanting to get put on and being mad at what I paid them if I put them on, people began getting hip to the software. They got their own music and made their own CDs.

I believe this venture lasted a few months before it ended. We had a good run. Thinking back there are some major takeaways.  I’m currently finishing up “The Power of Broke” by FUBU founder Daymond John and it’s exposing me to different individuals come up. Reading this book sparked my mind to dig back to 2003.

No matter what field you’re in, there is business to be handled. I can reflect on my business in 2003 and identify lessons that can help handle business better today.

I’m 25 now and I’m smiling at what I did at 13 years old. I’m proud of that moment. I did that with no fear or doubt. Ya boy just wanted the ends to buy Madden, NBA Live, 2K and a whole list of other games.

There are lessons in the past my people. Tap in.

This was…a post about nothing.


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