Ayo D Wells, please share your story Love One…

Sitting back listening to this playlist thinking about all the ways this could go wrong,
I mean, I like you and I’m sure you’re feeling me too, but where do we go from here? Okay, give me a second, let me explain both sides from my perspective.

I apologize for my apprehension on the situation at hand, but you have to put yourself in my shoes. What would you do? If you’ve been down this road before. I mean the road that leads to you walking away calling me all types of names and swearing at me, for what though? I told you I was cutthroat with my love life. It’s not that I don’t want to let anyone in, I’m just not here for these temporary forevers…where is the stability? Why you listening to your jealous ass girlfriends? Where is the trust that you will be down for me? It starts out cool, and we’re riding a wave..but once emotions get involved and signals get flipped, nothing will be the same from that point on. So I ask you again, whats the point?

Flip seats with me for a second,

Sitting here still listening to this playlist and every song that comes on reminds me of you, could it be true? That you were sent here for me, to take all this stress away from me and calm me down? Maybe so. Even if it is wishful thinking, I want to fall asleep to this peaceful realm my mind goes to when you cross it. You’re into all the things I like, you the shit girl, and I don’t care who knows. My boys laughing at me because I talk to you so much, its nothing but pure joy and laughter. That’s the dopest feeling in the world.

But I wonder if you feel the same way, if you think about me like this. If you smile when someone says my name around you. Who knows…

Love is Love,

D Wells


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