I Do This for My Culture

Ayo MaL, please share your story Love One…

So a couple of weeks ago Cam Newton had the world in a frenzy, everyone was either pro “dab” or anti “dab.” White America/Trump supporters weren’t too fond of it which I understand but it got me to thinking about the “culture.” Personally I live, breathe, and shit this “culture”, I love it, I’m proud of it.

So this “culture” some would call it the hip hop culture, urban culture, or black culture, which is all fine by me but to love it is to understand it. I think it’s important that people know what this hip hop culture is about and how it started.

This thing was created for our community because we didn’t have anything, we were disconnected from our history (African history) so it became our culture. A way to speak our own language and create something because we were robbed of our language and backstory. Eventually hip hop became the voice of the lost and disconnected. We were proud to represent it, it made you feel like it was ok to be different and to rebel from the box “White America” tried to force you to be in.

Fast forward decades later and you have a culture that has evolved into something so powerful and influential that it cannot be denied across the nation. From the way we dress, speak, and dance it’s being embraced by the masses. Complain about the way we dress but that same style has your merchandise selling out the stores. Complain about the way we speak but when you turn on the television all you see is fresh hip-hop lingo in these corporation’s campaign ads. Every ESPN analyst and broadcaster is using it. It seems to me that this Urban culture has now become the new culture for America and it should be embraced as such. The hip-hop culture has done so much to improve racial relations in this country, and I don’t think it’s given the proper credit. Hopefully one day it will.

So I’ll end on this note: Dance the way you want to dance, speak the way you want to speak, dress the way you want to dress and be proud of what you come from…




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