Black Actors boycotting the 2016 Oscars…Honestly, as a young African American, I’ve experienced racism and have friends who deal with racist situations now. It’s sad and unfortunate that in 2016, racism is still alive, but I don’t feel that boycotting the Oscars will prove a point. It’s unfair how they do the awards shows but let’s just take a step back and try to think of other ways of making an impact before boycotting the Oscars.

I look at Kendrick Lamar’s music career. Before becoming the Best Rapper Alive (right now), Lamar put out a timeless album called “good kid, m.A.A.d city.” It was nominated for Rap Album of the year. Long story short, he lost to Macklemore. All the rap fans in the world were shocked. Even Macklemore wrote a heartfelt text message to Lamar explaining that he should’ve won.

Following the obvious Grammy award snub, Kendrick didn’t look for pity. Instead, he went back in studio and created another timeless album called “To Pimp A Butterfly.” Not only did he headline the 2016 Grammy Awards show, but his 2nd album was nominated for 11 Grammy awards (2nd overall in history to Michael Jackson Thriller album which received 12 Grammy nominations in 1984 ). Lamar would go on to win 5 awards.

It’s great that he received these grammys but he did not let that affect his craft or his passion to continue to create timeless music. Regardless of what the odds are set against you, Let Your Body of Work Do The Talking! An award shouldn’t define who you are or your work!

Keep Going,



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