Just Don’t Quit

1/31/16 – Just Don’t Quit

Ayo MC, please share your story Love One…

Sitting here in a hotel room thinking about how others talk about how rough they’ve had it growing up. I often thought “Man I had it kinda good because I didn’t go through what you went through” then someone said to me “everyone has a story.” I now find myself reflecting on the testimony that I have and how it could possibly help someone out.

Everyone talks about success and what it is to them and what it looks like and how bad they want it. But most people that I talk to only see success as the flashy lifestyle, all the accolades, money, and women. As for myself, I see that as just the tip of the iceberg. The whole picture of success is what others don’t see as well. The failure, the grind, the tears, the injuries, the heartbreak; it’s all apart of success. I’m determined to be successful and from all I’ve been through all I can tell anyone or myself is “Just Don’t Quit.”

I’ve had 3 different surgeries and each came at a crucial point in my career where I had to make a decision, keep going or throw in the towel. After each one I chose to keep going because I found something I was passionate about, something that I want to be successful in. Months of rehab after every surgery and sitting on the sidelines just watching and having a burning desire to get back out there and do what I love to do so that I could have a successful life. Successful people have gone through shortcomings, pain, embarrassment, but one thing that helped them succeed was not quitting when life got hard. They saw an obstacle in their path and chose to either go through it, around it, or over it. Turning back is not an option.

Even now I find myself with an obstacle in my path and you better believe that I’m going to get past it someway somehow. No matter what it takes I’m going to make it, I’m going to be successful, I’m going to be strong because of it. One thing no one will ever be able to say about me is “he quit.”

I’ll leave you with this, don’t ever quit, and don’t ever let anyone determine your success.




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