Keep Going

1/15/16 – Keep Going

Much love to everybody showing love to EveryFeeL’d! 6 1/2 months strong right now! I really appreciate the love and support. From writing and reading the stories being shared on EveryFeeL’d, don’t ever get it twisted for a moment or as DJ Khaled would say, “Don’t You Ever Play Yourself”, I go thru it Every Single Day! I make mistakes everyday. Some are minor and some are drastic.

Some of those mistakes include me putting my evil/selfish desires over family, friends, work, etc. At times I wonder when I’m going to have full control over my mistakes I commit. In the past, I used to face my mistakes by making excuses like blaming others, blaming my environment, feeling sorry for myself, or just being flat out lazy. I learned that’s not going to get me anywhere in Life. It’s actually taking you backwards from where you need to be in Life.

It’s sucks when things aren’t going your way but instead of doing what I used you to do, own your mistake and KEEP GOING. Acknowledge that what you did was wrong and keep it moving. Blaming others, your environment, feeling sorry for yourself, or just being flat out lazy is just wasting time and energy.

My model for the New Year is, at the end of day, regardless of how Good or Bad my situation is, Keep Going!

Keep Going,



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