When I stop to reflect on where I am right now, man, what a time to be alive. I’m extremely thankful for LIFE. Everything that has happened had to happen. I had to go through all these ups & downs to build a solid foundation.When I was at my lowest point I don’t even remember looking at myself in the mirror. I’m not even where I want to be yet, but I currently look at myself in the mirror proud, confident, and ready.

Ready for whatever.

I’ve been able to break myself down piece by piece and evaluate who I am, what needs improvement, and try to discover “newer me energies.” In the midst of self-assessing myself I’ve realized I have strayed away from living in the now. I’ve accepted the past for what it is and visualized the future but totally forgot to BE. I’ve been so focused on the future that I have not given my full energy and attention to the NOW.

Draw up a plan for the future then just leave it. Visit it from time to time but focus on the NOW. I peeped my friend’s IG post (Jesus_jr310) about being present. At that point I realized that I wasn’t as present as I should. I placed more focus on the next instead of the now.

Give your full self to the current moment. Be with that experience. Savor every moment. Don’t be worried about the future because everything you do in the now should connect with your goals. Make sure you check in though. Check in and make sure you’re on point with your goals and when you see that you are, bless up.

I want to thank D.A for this blog for creating this outlet but more importantly being a source of motivation. We clowned you a lot in the locker room but I understand the reasons and motives behind your actions. I gotta thank everyone I’ve given a genuine dap to. That genuine dap, filled with gratitude and positive energy, means I respect you and have learned something from you so thank you.

This ain’t even the best version of me. **Kanye shrug**. Still finding Newer Me’s…

Written by:

Ky’ron Fitzgerald




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