What it feels like

12/22/15 – What it feels like

What a feeling it is to be loved. I’m not talking about the love that some of us obtain from our parents or family members. Even though I believe that love received from our family and God trumps any kind of love.
The love I’m talking about is the love that comes from your “soulmate”, your wifey, your boo, your bae, etc. it’s a type of different love that I admire from a far.

Looking at how the media portrays love on the tv screen and in magazines at times is hurtful, degrading, and disgusting. It makes me wonder if I should really invest in sharing my life with someone for the rest of my life. Being single gets real at times to the point I ask, “is this what life is really about?” or say, “I have so much love and thoughts but nobody to share it with.” After awhile the high of being single gets old quick when you see your peers in fully committed relationships.

While writing this entry, I thought about my friends that are in fully committed relationships and wondered what if feels like to be in their shoes. So I ask them to describe their relationship in a few sentences:

“When you wake up in the morning. Everyday you try to be a better person than you were yesterday just because of the one you’re with.”

“It feels like I’m in a movie where my character is a sucker for love, in all the wrong places. All along knowing that this was more than a fantasy of mine and that true love does exist.”

“Me and My Lady are best friends. We complete one another in so many ways.”

“We form an ultimate team, and we’re at our best when we focus on what we can give and not what we can get out of the relationship. It’s a joy to share life with some one who makes me want to be a better man.”

There’s nothing wrong with being single but at times I wonder, what does it feel like to be in a committed relationship…

Love is Love,



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