12/1/15 – Memories…

In the past, I really struggled with finding balance and savoring moments.

As it relates to balance, I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the moment or the things I was achieving because I wasn’t used to being own my own. I really missed my Family and really wanted them to share these great experiences with me. Savoring moments lol. I’m laughing because I wish with all this advance/great technology we have, that there can be a real life teleporting machine that can take me back to certain times in my life.

Many times throughout the day when I listen to a certain song, I mentally go back to where I was at in life when I 1st heard that song. It’s crazy when those moments happen, I start to smile, and at times, I wish I can leave what I’m currently doing and go back to that particular time in life. So I’m initially happy about the moment and then I become angry because I can’t go back and relive that moment or situation. It’s weird smh.

One thing that I’m starting to realize as I continue to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally is that you have to embrace your current moments and situations for what it is.

Understanding and enjoying your current moment really makes you appreciate what you’re doing in life. Don’t cheat your current moments because you’re too busy chasing, and reminiscing about your old memories.

Love is Love,



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