10/26/15 – Omnipresent

Ayooo AV III, please share your story Love One…

Thank you!

In the opening of this letter, I am writing to you, expressing gratitude, ultimate gratitude, the type that brings tears, and lets them stream down your cheek, gratitude. They say it’s impossible to “time travel”, but aren’t memories just that in every sense of the phrase? You’ll understand when the letter concludes. As I digress, let me get back on track!. . . Thank you!

Thank you for becoming mature as young as you did, at the ripe age of 8. Taking care of your younger siblings who counted on you for survival, while your mom was out grinding to make ends meet and keep the roof over all of your heads and food in your mouths. Following the crowd, when all the kids would stay after school and playing man hunt, tag, catch and kiss, just was not meant for you at the time. But you’ll know just why later on. Right now you have responsibilities. Thank you!

Thank you for following your passions and continuing to stick to them even though at more times than a few, you were ready to give up and do what was easy. Hang out on the block, smoke, drink and sell drugs just like your cousins who you love so dearly did, just to survive. I know, I know, it looked like easy money. The clothes, the sneakers and tangible things you observed because of this. But you seen the adverse effects, the paranoia, the stress and decided not to go that route. I thank your big cousin, the one you idolized the most for giving you those words of encouragement to keep on pushing! “Stick to what you do best, what I do is not for you, I want you to be the first one from our family to make it out and get that college degree, that’ll make me the happiest big cousin ever, I’ll feel like I made a difference in somebodies life lil cuzzo. You gotta do it for us, for me!” These words ring loud and proud to this day.

Thank you for always being a leader. No one had to tell you, you just lead by nature. You weren’t always vocal, but your demeanor, just your aura, your smile, your charismatic persona would always shine so bright in a community full of clout. You remembered where you came from. This is how you got and are getting so far in life. You know/knew what it was to struggle, to have much less than others, to not have at all at some points. But you understood and were mature enough to know that where you were/are in life, no matter what point, you weren’t always going to be there.

Thank you for changing your mindset for the better in terms of your health and outlook on life. Funny how it took running into some financial hardship to realize that you were only surviving life and not living it. Funny how it took pinching pennies, for you to realize that “this is not life” and there had to be another way. Funny how it took for you to be broken, to reshape all that you were taught and take life, your life into your own hands and start creating with a burning desire, the life that you want to lead. It took all of this for you to start reading meaningful books, eating healthier, treating people better, working smarter not harder and finally understand what life is about.

Thank you for being a more open individual. Thank you for not running away from challenges. Thank you for challenging yourself and on top of that, continuously challenging yourself today. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone where you would sit back and be content with not being judged. Thank you for being brave, becoming transparent, laying it all out for people who are like you, to see that it is ok to be who you are, the confident, smiling, “weird”, loving, strong, passionate, humorous, knowledge seeking, free spirited, soulful, competitive, empathetic, understanding, man, king, god, brother, cousin, son of the universe that you are!

I know you know that anything is possible. I know that you know that their truth is not your truth. I know you know that no one has it all figured out. I know that you know that you don’t know everything. I know that you realize that no one will ever fully know you and thats ok, because we are all changing every single day. We’re all a part of this ever changing, non-ending thing called the universe. Nothing lasts forever. Daily conversation will dissipate into the abyss and forever be forgotten. Distant memories is what they will become in the near future, but long term they are meaningless. Meaningless unless you leave your mark and leave something tangible/intangible with the earth. But I know you know this. . . I know you feel this. . . I know you desire this every day that you waken from your unconscious reality. I know you know this because my young soul, I am you! I love you with all of our soul.

Keep up the good work. We are the most successful person that you will ever know. We realize that we are already wealthy, not because of riches and material items, but because we love unconditionally and we are constantly seeking knowledge of life and self. At times we may stray from our journey, get distracted, but the common question is and will always be, will we bounce back, or will we bounce backwards??? It’s ok, as long as we don’t make our big picture, wallet sized, the universe will push us right back into the stratosphere and we will continue on our journey. We won’t always make the best decision, but the choice is ours. I think were getting closer. We love you. THANK YOU!!!

Negative vibes are created and don’t last long. Emotions are temporary, don’t let em get to you. Happiness is not a destination, it is already in you. Love is the most powerful force on planet earth! Love more, change those negative thoughts of yours when you open your eyes into positive ones and trust me, those days will go away and you will be on the road to eternal happiness. **3 Finger Salute**

Love is Love,

Alvin Vivican III


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