10/12/15 – LIGHTwork

Lance Hurdle, please share your story Love One…

What is life? I thought it was the NBA. I thought it was getting money. I even thought it was chasing all these women around but I realized that those things weren’t life. Good things but not life. So I asked God the same question “what is life?” And I was directed to John 1:4-5 “The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” The Word of God is God Himself, it’s His life.

So when I read the Word now I don’t read to study I read to Know the Word because when I know the Word I know God because God is the Word and when I know God I know His life so all I have to do now is receive The Word, which is God and His life. So I’m receiving His life.

So now that I have received His life I can do what God does because it’s His life in me that’s doing it not Lance’s life. I had to give that up to get it. So now receiving God’s life I have light in me and in a room you put lights so high up so they can touch everything that’s dark in that room right? We live in a dark world. So now that the light is in me, God will elevate me to the highest place so He can be seen because He’s the light not me. I’m just the container carrying the light. I’m just enjoying the ride. So I speak the Word so much because that’s real life.

I was the “walking dead” for a long time. Dead dreams, dead efforts, dead relationships, because I didn’t know the word which is God’s life. It’s crazy to think that I was speaking dead words into my dreams and relationships. So this is why I know everything I want I’m going to get now because now I have life. In fact Its going to be so easy I call it ‪#‎LIGHTwork‬

Love is Love,

Lance Hurdle


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