Songs in the Night

10/5/15 – Songs in the Night

Nachbi, please share your story Love One…

I remember my emotions running wild as the moonlight shined throw my bedroom blinds and hit my acoustic guitar. It was the middle of the night and I sat along side my bed with no agenda of sleeping. I was as far away from tired as I’ve ever been. I sat there thinking of what is while thinking of what was at the same time. Yup, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. After long moments of silence I said, “ Ok God, even now, yes you are still in control”. I wanted to believe that and I prayed myself to believe that. My eyes moved from the ceiling to my guitar and I needed it like never before. I reached over for it and as I began to strum things very slowly but surely started making sense. I didn’t know it right then and there but that was the very beginning of “Songs in the Night”.

The night became the place where all my thoughts throughout the day were put on paper and over melodies. It was a safe place where I knew Jesus was right there with me. Each song tugged at a different emotion but it was healthy cause nothing was ever bottled in. I made sure to be honest with myself. I want listeners to connect with the raw emotion I had rather then hide what was real. I wanted to be totally honest in every aspect of this EP.

Songs in the Night is a constant reminder of God’s love through any circumstance. Though you may not see what’s next, God’s plan for your life will still go forth. It’s the faith in believing that Jesus has made the way through it all. In this life there is pain, suffering, sorrow, loss, you name it and no matter who you are, it will find its way to you. The question then becomes, “what do you?” you have the choice to take all that is hurting inside of you and rest in the love of Jesus or run away with it. I choose to rest in His love with and all that I am. Our Songs in the Night may look different but they should always lead us to rest in the love of Jesus every time. I had a growing confidence in me that the dawn will break and it surely did.

I stand today with greater faith because of Songs in the Night, and I don’t regret any of it because I know it was all in God’s plan. Be encouraged today by knowing that even when you feel despair and alone, Jesus is right there with you every step of the way. It takes faith and patience but things will turn around and the dawn will break for you as well.

Love is Love,



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